Guns N' Roses Wallpapers

Sadly, most of us do not live the rock and roll lifestyle. Instead, we spend our days with families, or working away in the office doing things like analysing the pros and cons of annuities. Not Guns N' Roses though! It's been almost 30 years and the band is still going strong, putting out new material, touring and living the rock star lifestyle. Think back to all the bands you loved in the mid-80s, when you were probably a young teenager. How many are still putting out hits and still touring? The greats like Ozzy and Black Sabbath, Metallica, Poison, Skid Row and others have all hung it up except for the occasional reunion tour or experimental album. It's not surprising, as a 30 year career is rare in any industry, but especially in the music business. The retired giants of rock don't have to worry about the pros and cons of annuities, retirement accounts and 401k's like us mere mortals. The ones that do find their bank accounts running low just put on a reunion tour or a Best Of CD. They're still cranking out new music, putting on mind-blowing shows and giving it their all and that's what makes them so awesome! Why not take a moment to download one of these wallpapers and put it up on your office computer? That way, when you're toiling away, frustrated over some account, you can take a look at your wallpaper, think of Guns N' Roses and then go check their site to see when they're playing a show in your area!