Guns N' Roses Clippings

"...Delinquent, delicious, decadent, Excess All Areas rock. Guns N' Roses stalk through your every silk scarf fantasy and rub you raw like piranhas in a Jacuzzi."
Kerrang!, June 1987

"A rock band even nastier than The Beastie Boys."
Daily Star, June 1987

"The most dangerous band in the world."
Kerrang!, October 1987

"The world's most outrageous band."
Daily Star, October 1987

"Who's cuter - Faster Pussycat or Guns N' Roses? The Little girls will enjoy arguing over that one for the next few years."
RIP, November 1987

"This outrageous wrecking crew, with no pretensions and the rawest sound around, are the best new act I've heard in ages. They are the group who come closest to capturing the real essence of hard rock..."
Kerrang! Yearbook, 1987

"Guns N' Roses now stand alone as the finest rock band on the planet..."
Metal Hammer, February 1988

"...This band is preposterously good."
Metal Hammer, April 1988

"They don't look good, they're not pretty; but their music can be beautiful, ugly as well, and heavy all at the same time."
Kerrang!, June 1988

"...The Gunners will become to the next decade what Aerosmith were to the Seventies and The Rolling Stones to the Sixties. Already they've earned the unnecessary yet somehow crucial accolade of 'the greatest rock'n'roll band in the world.'"
Raw, August 1988

"The greatest rock'n'roll band in the world."
Raw, December 1988

"Rock shockers Guns N' Roses...'are gay bashers'..."
The Sun, March 1989

"Rock shockers Guns N' Roses... The outrageous LA-based rockers thrive on drugs, booze, sex and violence."
The Sun, March 1989

"Guns N' Roses are 'what every band in LA pretends to be', the last ditch saviours of rock'n'roll. ...They are a musical sawn-off shotgun, with great power but erratic aim - they veer from terrible to brilliant in a typical set, often within a single song."
Q, March 1989

"Guns N' Roses have defined an approach. They are the benchmarks."
Raw, May 1989

"Mad, bad and dangerous to know."
Raw, June 1989

"Hit band Guns N' Roses..."
Daily Mirror, June 1989

"Guns N' Roses. They're jolly hard rockin' muthas, aren't they? Has there ever been a meaner, tougher, more dangerously exciting heavy rock band ever?! Probably not!"
Smash Hits, June 1989

"The wild 26-year-old singer has been known to slice his own arms with razor blades during frenzied tantrums..."
Daily Star, 1989

"...These posturing pompadours of the oily head rags and momentous hair... Are they really the epitome of rock'n'roll?"
Smash Hits, July 1989

Daily Star, August 1989

"...Those meatheads..."
The Sun, October 1989

"LA's favourite bad boys..."
Raw, November 1989

"The most notorious rock'n'roll band in the world."
Select, March 1990

"Guns N' Roses have inexorably become the most celebrated, talked-about and shock-steady band the hard rock world has perhaps ever known..."
Raw Yearbook, 1990

"Bums N' Roses..."
The Sun, January 1991

"Guns N' Poses..."
The Sun, January 1991

"Guns N' Roses are one of the biggest and most controversial bands in the world, the so-called new Rolling Stones."
Select, February 1991

"They are the X-rated history of rock'n'roll over the past six years."
The Mail On Sunday, April 1991

"...The most precious group ever."
Select, August 1991

"From mustard keen to masters of lethargy... The Saddest Band In The World."
Q, May 1991

"Can you be the princes of punk and still swan around in a Porsche?"
Melody Maker, August 1991

"...The world's most dangerous, and currently most beleaguered, rock band..."
Kerrang!, August 1991

"...Guns N' Roses, probably now the world's most successful rock group. Guns N' Roses are a heavy metal group... Most heavy metal stars have very small brains..."
Daily Mail, August 1991

"...Guns N' Roses, who like to think of themselves as the most dangerous band in the world..."
The Independent, August 1991

"Tonight the pop group who sell themselves as the most obnoxious and outrageous in the world will show Britain why they have earned their reputation as the Gangsters of Rock."
Daily Express, August 1991

"...Outrageously lewd..."
The Sun, September 1991

"Even by the inflated standards of the rock world, the hype surrounding Guns N' Roses has been extreme. Would their show be a display of primitive brilliance or an amateurish shambles? The reality was disappointingly mundane... If one truth emerged from this long, mediocre show it was that those who live by the sword of self-grafitication are not the best judge of when to wind up a guitar solo... reminiscent of the worst excesses of pre-punk dinosaur rock... This was about as challenging to the status quo as a child burping noisily at the lunch table."
The Times, September 1991

"Dangerous? Not in the slightest. Entertaining? Absolutely."
Observer, September 1991

"...Undoubtedly the biggest band in the world..."
The Sun, September 1991

"The world's most successful and controversial rock band."
Rock Power, September 1991

"This premature legend..."
Select, September 1991

"As a band less famous for their music than their attitude and lifestyle... a muddled and chaotic show was an odds-on bet. Where was the fabled awesome rock'n'roll steamroller laying waste to all before it?
New Musical Express, September 1991

"Guns N' Roses are the nearest America's ever got to a Sex Pistols."
Melody Maker, September 1991

"Guns stun the world."
The Sun, September 1991

"This was not the all-powerful 100 per cent set that we could reasonably expect of the Biggest Band In The World."
Kerrang!, September 1991

"Guns N' Roses may have been blessed with only a thimbleful of talent, but thanks to a bucketful of hype, the rock superstars are turning heavy metal into gold."
Today, September 1991

"...The world's greatest rock phenomenon."
The Guardian, September 1991

"Guns N' Roses are just a rock'n'roll band."
Raw, October 1991

"...The reigning band of rock'n'roll."
RIP, October 1991

"This group isn't yet fully ready to make their act work night after night on this large a stage."
Vox, October 1991

"One of the most famous rock bands of all time... Supposedly the most notorious band in the world... Guns N' Roses are, without a shadow of a doubt, a living legend, and you can't say more than that."
Metal Hammer, October 1991

"No wonder they take themselves so seriously."
Rolling Stone, October 1991

"Guns N' Roses have fixed themselves as the premier rock'n'roll band to have emerged since the Seventies, mainly on the strength of the behavioural scandals."
Select, November 1991

"They're up there with the greats."
Q, November 1991

"This was not a concert... it was a magical, musical, religious adventure. Those who survived the entire historic set witnessed something awesome and unique; a concert they could tell their children about."
RIP, December 1991

"Rock's hardest band..."
Sunday, February 1992

"There's probably no other band who can match the Gunners' ability to sound frighteningly real and then laughably crass in rapid succession.
Melody Maker, February 1992

"Not so much a musical entity any more as a self-important dribbling of Axl Rose's paranoid persecution complex..."
Metal Forces, February 1992

"In every possible way that you can think of, Guns N' Roses are a mess; a great big Rorschach of confusion, crassness and contradiction. However, they are also an impossibly massive, glamorous and thrilling rock group who are glamorous and thrillingly precious because they are so massive."
Hot Press, May 1992

"They are now just another big and blunt stadium act, up there with the fatted turkeys."
Melody Maker, May 1992

"For the record, Guns N' Roses' show is a saddening musical mess."
Kerrang!, May 1992

"...A cartoon band with maybe three decent songs and a heap of atrociously sexist thuggery masquerading as psychological nakedness. They are just another vacuous money printing behemoth safely fixed within conventional parameters are treading a well-worn predictable formula."
Melody Maker, May 1992

"Wild Roses!"
The Sun, May 1992

"The world's meanest, most devil-may-care rockers."
You Magazine, May 1992

"...A band of genuine megastars."
Raw, June 1992

"The baddest boys in rock... Stipulations like demanding to have control over the article before the work went to press were one sad indictment of how jumped up Guns N' Roses had become. Guns were big, but no-one should be that big. Like, back off bitch!"
Metal Hammer, June 1992

"Rock wildman Axl Rose was a bore in bed..."
News Of The World, June 1992

"...The world's No.1 live band."
The Sun, June 1992

"...The most popular attraction in the world in 1992..."
Daily Mail, July 1992

"Outta control? Axl Rose... the most dangerous rock star in the world."
Smash Hits, August 1992

"Guns N' Poseurs..."
Melody Maker, August 1992

"...Two hours-plus of solidified, low-grade stodge from the self styled biggest band in the world."
New Musical Express, October 1992

"...Axl Rose and Guns N' Roses... they really are as clueless and dumbstruck as the rest of us. Ain't it great?"
Rock World, October 1992

"Watching Guns N' Roses these days is a lesson in how to lose your way."
Raw, December 1992

"...The world's most photographed, talked-about, analysed rock'n'roll outfit. ...The lodestone for a generation."
MF, January 1993

"Wild Axl..."
The Sun, March 1993

"Rock wildman Axl Rose..."
Daily Mirror, March 1993

"...A flat-out, balls-to-the-wall rock'n'roll band."
RIP, April 1993

"...The World's Most Dangerous Rock'N'Roll Band."
Kerrang!, April 1993


"...Guns is still close to my heart, I'm loyal to the day I die, I suppose."
Slash in Guitar World Magazine, January 2000